Break Audio Captcha via an API

  • Is your bot blocked by a Captcha?
  • Does that Captcha have an audio option ?
  • Use this API to bypass it!

Speech to Text : Specifically for captchas

This is no ordinary speech to text API, it is specifically designed to crack audio captchas

If you use AWS Transcribe, or Google Cloud Speech to Text on a captcha audio, then you will have poor results, because it's a general-purpose speech to text API, designed to transribe video, narrated text, and phone calls. This API is different, it is designed to quickly and accurately solve the short, distorted, random letter and number assortment found in captcha audio.

  • Audio can be provided as a URL or Base64 encoded data
  • Standard alphabet and NATO alphabet supported (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie ...)
  • Returns on average in 5 seconds.

Remember, you can always call the API multiple times, most websites don't count failed attempts.



Use your bot to visit the webpage in question, and extract either the Audio data or Audio URL



Upload the audio data as base64, or the audio URL (if unique) to the API



Once the captcha code is returned, use this code to submit the form on the page


At present, we are only offering this API, and the bot creation us up to you. But feel free to contact us, if you'd like any support with a project. We may be generous!

Rapid API

To get started with this API, please press the "Get Started" button on the top right of the page, you'll be taken to Rapid API, who are handling API key creation and payment. We offer a free trial so you can try it out.


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